We look to raise a big, slick haired, prick eared dog that can can give an honest day work on all classes of livestock, in all venues.

We are the Cochran Family. We I live in Abilene, Texas. Phil has been an avid livestock producer and breeder all his life. We have to decided to share our border collies. Our Dogs are here to work cattle, sheep & goats on the ranch and in trials. From time to time we have pups, started and finished dogs for sale. Call us if you would like to visit or have a need for a dog or if you are interested in dog training on a working cattle ranch. Phil has been involved in the livestock industry, 4-H and FFA Livestock projects for most of his life. We have recently decided to focus our time on our Border Collies and away from our Boer Goat operation that has won in all venues across the country and on a national level. We feel that our dogs and system are ready to shine!

Cochran Stockdogs breeds and raises a dog that is designed and bred to work in all venues, for the stockman. Our dogs have strong natural herding ability with an intense desire to work. All of this is coupled with a great temperament and the desire to please. We have strived to put the genetics and time into our dogs that give a consistant projectable dog. Our puppies are socialized and raised with our two small children in our home. We guarantee our pups will have what it takes. They are bred for natural herding ability, stamina, grit, and toughness. If you are looking for power and ability you will enjoy a Cochran dog.

Our objective is to produce a working partner that can shine from an all day ranch job to the most competitive of trials. We have put together a set of dogs that are very close genetics from the late Glenn Guttridge kennel. Glenn's unique border collies have a grit and power that is extremely hard to find, with a very classy and flashy look to go along with their ability. As soon as I was introduced to these set of dogs, I knew that it would be the base for my kennel. Much thanks goes to Glenn and his wife Beverly in his final dispersion of his kennel. Thank You! I have based and feel that Glenn Guttridge's main female the Famous Liz would be heavily involved into my dogs, incorporating McCallum lines. I also feel the Legendary Hank line continues to cross and produce that gritty Cattle dog that the roughest of cattle needs can be met.

We breed talented dogs with the use of years of proven genetics, selective breeding and years of experience in many venues of established accomplishment. I have spent many years studying working border collies and the different aspects and results from various programs all over the world. Genetics are the foundation that our breeding program is based upon, this along with knowledge of livestock, personal experience, and real work has given us the opportunity to raise some outstanding working stock dogs. We breed our dogs to have an ability to go to work each day and have what it takes to get the job done.

We would like to thank Glenn Guttridge, Trevor Peterson, and Kyle Dillard for there friendship, advice, and the pieces they have allowed us to put together to create Cochran Stockdogs!